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Performance at school can play a substantial role in our happiness, satisfaction, and academic success. It can be enriched through compassionate support, progressive growth and healthy change, as well as through the remediation of deficits and weaknesses that interfere with a person’s ability to perform at expected levels. This can be done by developing an ideal academic plan that suites the individuals’ needs where knowledge is delivered and learned in the most effective manner in order to afford a student optimal academic success.


At Rise Center for Psychology, Dr. Sandy Wolff offers all of the above through neuropsychological/ psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents, and young adults. Through the careful diagnostic assessment and consideration of needs and challenges, Dr. Wolff performs comprehensive assessments for concerns relating to:

  • Learning Differences (504 Plans/ IEP)
  • Cognitive/Intelligence
  • Academic Achievement/Learning
  • ADHD (Attention, Focus, Hyperactivity)
  • Executive Functioning/Organization/Time Management
  • Language Skills/Verbal Expression
  • Memory
  • Processing Abilities
  • Peer Relations/Social-Emotional Skills
  • Personality
  • Non-verbal Communication and Learning
  • Developmental Delays

Dr. Wolff also performs comprehensive evaluations for:

  • College and Career Screening
  • College Entrance Evaluations (ACT Accomodations)
  • College Entrance Re-Evaluations (Continuation of an IEP, 504)
  • Graduate School Entrance Re-Evaluations (Continuation of an IEP, 504)